Space City Lights | Services - Landscape Lighting
Houston Landscape Lighting
Space City Lights provides the best Houston Landscape Lighting Design and Implementation services around. We offer the client three different Tiers and use the best products on the market. All lighting solutions are low voltage and LED. The client has a choice between drop in fixtures, with LED lamps and rechargeable daylight savings scheduling, integrated LED light fixtures with automation scheduling, and color changing solutions with automation scheduling as well. Please keep reading and call us at 281-305-9472 for more details.
Space City Lights | Services - Outdoor Patio Lighting
Houston Outdoor Bistro and Patio Lighting
We offer permanent Houston outdoor bistro and patio lighting design and implementation solutions for our clients. We use the best products in the industry. We only use LED bulbs that are 120 volts or low voltage at 12 volts. Clients have glass or acrylic(plastic) bulb options that can be controlled by a dimmer switch or remote-controlled switch. We use the best Houston outdoor bistro and patio socket wire in the industry that has parallel holes to run metal hanging wire through. No need for all those zip ties that eventually deteriorate when exposed to the elements. Call us at 281-305-9472 to ask about our color-changing, fully-automated, app-controlled options as well!
Space City Lights | Services - Security Lighting
Security Lighting
Motion activated and flood lighting always come in handy to help your commercial or residential space feel more secure. We not only put in the light…we can also install a manual, remote, or timer switch to turn on and off lights at your leisure. We can run the proper power to the light using up to date wiring inside code specific conduit installed by licensed electricians.
Space City Lights - Services Page App-Controlled Options
Outdoor App-Controlled WIFI, Bluetooth, and Zoning Options for Your Houston Landscape Lighting
Space City Lights offers WIFI solutions for your Houston Landscape Lighting project. We also offer Bluetooth solutions for the clients Houston Outdoor Lighting system. These solutions are controlled for an app on your phone or tablet. We can also zone Houston Landscape Lighting in your yard. What this means is client can control the front yard separately from the backyard or section of the entire yard separately. Example is Front of home, Front Trees, Front Path, Backyard fence, Backyard Pool Lights, etc.
Space City Lights - Services Page Color Changing Landscape Lighting
Color Changing Landscape Lighting Houston
Space City Lights now offers color changing outdoor lighting to illuminate your property. These color changing LED lights are integrated, meaning the fixture and light source are the same. They are WIFI app controlled and can be zoned as well, meaning colors can be changed for different sections of the property while color stays the same. Clients can also dim the lights as well using this same technology. We also offer color changing bulbs to go in our drop-in brass fixtures that are app controlled.
Space City Lights | Services - Event Lighting
Event Lighting
Space City Lights has an array of bulb options to light up any wedding, event, or party. Why not give it that extra special something? We can light up trees, tents, parking areas, hardscape, or just install lights over your patio area for that big blow out. Some people ask us to leave lights up year round because of the special ambiance it provides.
Space City Lights - Services Page Color Changing Lighting
Color Changing Permanent Holiday and Accent Lighting
Space City Lights Houston Outdoor Lighting solutions keep getting better and better. We now have a custom color changing permanent holiday and accent lighting system to offer clients. This means no more endless cost of paying for having lights up and down, year after year. You pay one time to have this solution installed. This LED color changing product installs a plastic base channel and a plastic cover goes over the product that matches the paint color of home to stay hidden and stealthy so you don't notice lighting during the day. Once the product is working, you're in a different world for every holiday and event on your property. You can control and schedule events for this product inside your app.
Space City Lights - Services Page Warranties
Space City Lights Warranties and Maintenance Contracts
We offer the best warranties and maintenance contracts in the business, so whatever Landscape Lighting Houston Solution you pick that Space City Lights installs, we offer all types of warranty and maintenance contracts depending on the options the client chooses. We offer this so we can preserve your Outdoor Lighting system to use for several years. We also provide maps where lighting is installed, so if you ever sell the home, you have valuable information to provide to the new homeowner.