Space City Lights' goal is to bring your lighting vision to life

At Space City Lights, our goal is to bring your lighting vision to life.

Our work is very gratifying because we bring joy to our clients. To see smiles on their faces is the ultimate compliment. To experience what it feels to be a child again, a happy one. At Space City Lights our integrity, responsibility, and value supersede all else. Your home is your sanctuary and we respect that.
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The owner is a native Houstonian and their love for this city inspired the name Space City Lights.

"When I was young, I had a love for lighting. When I started this company, I stumbled upon the joy my lighting projects give to my clients. This way I can experience the love all over again. I can see a reflection of myself in my clients' faces, in their reactions, and their communications with me. It's why I do this. This gift I can give people means so much to me and what this company truly stands for...not to mention I do it in my hometown. Houston Landscape Lighting has become our primary focus."