Holiday Lighting

At Space City Lights we only use professional grade lights that withstand the wear and tear of Houston’s unpredictable elements.  We prefer using LED lighting because it uses on average 90% less power than incandescent lighting and bulb life is longer.  We care about saving the client money and keeping green when possible.  Safety is paramount at Space City Lights, and that’s why we love the unbreakable aspect of the LED bulb option.  Since everything that we do is custom and made to order, you have unlimited creative possibilities.  Pick one color, pick ten, blinking or no blinking, still or dancing…a light that starts off red and cycles to blue we can do that too.  We have every kind of light for rooflines, banisters, railing, columns, hardscape, landscape borders, trees, bushes, and more!  It can be as simple or extravagant as you wish.

Holiday Exterior Decor

Wreathes, décor, garland, and greenery can spruce up any exterior. It’s the perfect addition to our holiday lighting whether the decor is installed on banisters, railing, columns, stairs, fences, or your porte cochère. Wreaths and Garland are also available pre-lit and customizable to complement any lighting design.

  • Custom or stock wreathes available in diameters of 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”
  • Custom or stock garland available in 9’ X 14” or 9’ X 24”
  • Custom bow and ribbon work available.

*For custom orders, please allow up to four weeks for production.

Event Lighting

Space City Lights has an array of bulb options to light up any wedding, event, or party.  Why not give it that extra special something?  We can light up trees, tents, parking areas, hardscape, or just install lights over your patio area for that big blow out. Some people ask us to leave lights up year round because of the special ambiance it provides.

Outdoor Lighting

We focus on outdoor architectural spaces using precisely placed LED lighting around your hardscape and landscape.  By using LED lighting with several thousand hours of bulb life, you can do away with unreliable landscape lighting once and for all.  Clients will never see their property the same once this brilliance of light is added.

Electrical Services

Space City Lights will now be offering electrical services. We will proudly be offering services such as wiring and aluminum wiring, electrical remodeling and rewiring, indoor/outdoor lighting, GFCI/AFCI services, surge protection, electrical panel (breaker box), ceiling fan installation, electrical home safety surveys, outlets and switches, generator installation, and more. Never hesitate to contact us with questions regarding our services, some of our solutions may not always be listed.