We want Christmas lights… how does it work?
Space City Light’s services include providing you the Christmas lights, the installation, maintenance, takedown, and storage.


How can I get an estimate?
Space City Lights offers FREE estimates. Contact us via phone call, text, or email to schedule an estimate.


Do we buy the lights from you?
Space City Lights provides the lights. We also store them for you at the end of every season.


How do re-installations work?
Space City Lights honors you as a long-term customer and for re-installs. If you choose the same design the next year, that is what you will get.


Do you guys do any other holiday or event lighting?
Yes, we have done lighting projects for Halloween, New Years’ Eve, and weddings. We would also be interested in doing other holidays’ like Easter or the Fourth of July.


When should I schedule an estimate?
The sooner, the better — as we tend to book up very early in the year.


How do we know we will get good work?
Space City Lights has been in business since 2007, and we have maintained long-term relationships with almost all of our customers. We are committed to making your vision a reality and providing superb customer service.


What are the most popular lights to install?
A majority of our clients choose warm white roof lighting using C-9 LED bulbs. C-9 bulbs are easily visible from the street and about an inch and a half in length.


If the lights don’t come on one night or some of the bulbs are out, what do we do?
We maintain the lights throughout the season if you have any problems.  You can call, text, or email us and we will come out to resolve any issue you may have with your lighting project.


What type of bulbs do you use?
We only use LED bulbs as they are of superior quality to incandescent bulbs. Plastic LED bulbs do not break, and are safer around children and pets, while incandescent glass bulbs do break and have a much shorter life span.


I am very busy and will not be available to meet for an estimate or installation, how can this work?
Space City Lights wants to work with you; we understand how busy our clients’ lives are. We can arrange the whole estimate or installation over the phone, via text or call, or by email. Since most of our work is exterior, you do not need to be home for an estimate or installation.


Do you offer storage after the season is over?
Once the takedown process has been completed, we store the lights and installation map packed in boxes until the next holiday season. Storage is included in the cost you pay upfront.


I’m not very creative with these things.  What should we do?
Space City Lights will work with you to come up with the perfect lighting/decorating design to accentuate any outdoor/indoor space. Often, we have happily made adjustments after installation to align with the client’s vision of their project.


I will be out of town, who will check on my lights and make sure they are all working?
Please let us know BEFORE you are headed out of town and Space City Lights can do check-ups on your lighting project while you are away. We are available by phone,via text or call, or email.


How qualified and knowledgeable are you guys with electricity?
We understand the limitation per timer or outlet is sometimes 15amps. If needed, a dedicated circuit will be installed to support a lighting project.


My house is older, what do you guys know and do about fire safety regulations?
Space City Lights would advise this client to have an electrician come out and take a look at the current electrical infrastructure of the home before a lighting installation. We can also send our own electrician if you choose to do so.


Why do you cost what you cost?
All costs have been measured out based on materials, labor, account management, billing, inventory, insurance, fuel, and other expenses a project may entail. Our goal is to make the price as fair to you as it is to us.


Are you bonded and insured?
Yes, Space City Lights is bonded and insured. Our insurance agent is Ben Moss with Insurance Corner. You can contact him at (281) 448-6677 with any other insurance questions you may have about our business.


Do you take down the lights?
Once the season is over, we will come back to your residence for a takedown. We will draw a map of where all the lights are installed on your property, take down the lights, label the lights, and store lights with map boxes provided by Space City Lights for safe keeping.


What should I set my timer too? When should my Christmas lights come on and go off?
The standard time we suggest for lights to come on is 5:30 pm. The suggested time for lights’ to go off during the holiday season is midnight.


What happens if our electricity goes out?  Will the lights still come on and go off when they should?
Our timers are digital and backed up by battery meaning if your lights go out the clock time, “timer on”, and “timer off” times don’t change.  So if you have an electrical outage during the holiday season and your electricity comes back on at 8pm your Christmas lights will come on too!


What happens if it is raining and my lights don’t come on when they are supposed to even though electricity for the house works?
Sometimes GFCI outlets will be very sensitive and even though we try our best to protect the outlets from moisture during installation, ANY amount of moisture can sometimes trip the outlet. If this happens, we ask the client to wait until it stops raining and starts drying. If the client still cannot get the lights to turn on, they are welcome to contact us, and we will be happy to make an in-person visit to resolve the issue.


What kind of payment do you take?
We accept cash, check, credit card, and online payments using CC or bank account information.


Where do you send check payment via mail?

Please send all check payments to the address listed below:

Space City Lights LLC

3010 Conway St.
Houston, TX  77025